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  Gielle Marine Fire Solutions: 45 years of expertise and experience
Fire Protection for the Marine Industry

Water fire extinguishing systems
Our sprinkler systems are used in passenger areas like cabins and restaurants worldwide. Gielle sprinkler systems automatically identify, detect and extinguish fires and thus, provide permanent reliable protection.

High-pressure water mist has proven to be very effective in protecting turbine enclosures, small engine rooms or similar in place of the traditional gases, CO2, Argonite..

Water mist extinguishing system
High-pressure technology for maritime risks

The special conditions at sea mean that safety is an incredibly important issue for ships. The aim is to prevent any danger to make sure everything runs smoothly on board. And the key safety issue for passenger ships is of course the people on board.

Ships are subject to a whole range of fire risks, which means fire protection on board has to be all the more effective. After all, in the event of a fire, it is not as easy to escape when at sea, and prompt fire-fighting assistance from outside
cannot be counted on.

Gielle has developed the Watfire water mist extinguishing system specially for maritime risks. It takes high-pressure technology to new dimensions. Many years of experience in water mist extinguishing technology and the marine sector have gone into the research, and the Watfire is the result. It complies with all relevant directives and, above all, it is extremely easy to use. Watfire offers the optimum all around protection for seagoing and inland navigation vessels. The fire protection system can protect passenger, public and storage areas, as well as machinery spaces.

In short, it’s an entirely new level of operational safety. The Watfire features a sophisticated design which has been thought through right down to the last detail – from installation to protection against clogging or breakdown.

Water supply
The extinguishing water for the Watfire system is held in a tank which is automatically fed from the ship’s own freshwater systems.

The system can also be supplied with filtered seawater from the ship’s separate  hydrant system (fire main), as well as via a shore connection pursuant to international standards and SOLAS regulations. In standby mode, the pipes are filled with water via a jockey pump kept under pressure. In the event of fire, the operating pressure is built up through high-pressure sprinkler pumps, which are integrated in a compact, pre-assembled water supply unit. 

Foaming agent mix
Watfire can be used in all areas without extinguishing agent additives. A foaming agent can be added for fighting fire in the machinery spaces bilge in order to minimise extinguishing water usage even further here. 
In this case, a proportional device with a supply of foaming agent is connected directly near the machinery spaces to the piping network for the bilge.

Alarms and monitoring
Upon extinguishing system activation, the sprinkler pump control unit automatically sends the “water supply in progress” signal to the bridge or safety station. To localise the fire event, an alarm signal is also displayed, which is transmitted by the affected area’s current indicator.

The Watfire system is equipped with electric monitoring supplied with power via the emergency power supply system, which monitors all security-related lines to control units and signal transmitters for short circuits or interruption.

Watfire is designed and installed in accordance with applicable SOLAS guidelines based on IMO Resolution A.800 (19), as well as the design parameters established pursuant to the IMO-MSC/Circ. 1165. Typical ship types where it can be used include cruise ships, ferries and large yachts.

The effi cient Watfire water mist extinguishing system can be used in all areas of the ship:

Accommodation, public space and store areas A single Watfire sprinkler will provide coverage of up to 32 m˛ in these areas. That means the sprinklers can be installed at six-metre intervals on corridors – in total, the Watfire system requires far fewer sprinklers than standard systems, which also simplifi es ceiling design.

The Watfire system is divided into sections by valves. In standby mode, the pipes are filled with pressurised extinguishing water.

In the event of fire, the sprinklers only open if they are in the immediate vicinity of the fire source. A control unit registers the resulting pressure drop in the piping and activates the sprinkler pumps. The fire is immediately fought with high-pressure water mist from the opened sprinklers.

Machinery spaces
In addition to protecting the machinery spaces, the Watfire also protects objects and the bilge. But only one single type of open nozzle is needed for all areas without foaming agent.
Extinguishing areas are formed in the machinery spaces, each of which encompasses a section valve as well as piping with open water mist nozzles. In standby mode, the extinguishing water under pressure reaches the section valves. 
In the event of fire, an alarm signal is displayed in the engine control room via a fire detection system, and the section valve is opened for the affected area – either automatically by the fire detection system or at the touch of a button by operating personnel in the engine control room. 

The pressure before the selector valves then drops, the sprinkler pumps are activated and the affected area is completely soaked with high-pressure water mist.

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Our quality is certified
Gielle makes its products inaccordance with UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, SA8000:2001 certified quality standards

In accordance with established maritime standards
Gielle’s systems solutions have been tested and approved by marine regulatory agencies throughout the world.

Worldwide installation and service.
No matter where your vessel puts into port. From New York to Dubai, we perform whatever service is necessary including installation, retrofit, recharge, maintenance and emergency repair.

It's our global commitment to keeping your Gielle systems functioning perfectly and in accordance with applicable Marine fire protection regulations.

The right approvals and certifications.
Gielle Fire Systems' products carry an impressive range of Type Approvals and Flag Administration Approvals.

System design, installation & service
Gielle can provide the services (design and installation, retrofit, recharge, an d maintenance) necessary to keep your system functioning properly and in compliance with all applicable Marine fire protection regulations.
We provide complete stationary and mobile fire protection solutions from risk analysis via technical design to installation.

Gielle is the leading fullservice provider for fire protection in Europe and one of the leading companies worldwide.   

Marine, naval and offshore fire protection
Products from the Gielle Fire Suppression have been developed to meet not only the needs of today, but to also comply with evolving marine requirements, including environmental issues, local regulations and more. To every extent possible, we engineer the ability to upgrade our equipment directly into our product lines. In many cases, this gives owners the ability to avoid entire system replacements when conditions change. Each design innovation is supported by such important services as ongoing safety documentation.

Immediate free quote
Contact us for an immediate free quote. 

Call us +39 0803118998
  E-mail: info@gielle.it  

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