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  Gielle Marine Fire Solutions: 45 years of expertise and experience
Fire Protection for the Marine Industry

Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems
Our fire detection systems detect fire risks fast and reliably 24 hours a day. They warn persons at risk, inform the people responsible and provide all relevant information to initiate correct emergency measures immediately. 

Gielle provides fire detection and extinguishing control in one system: the extinguishing process is automatically triggered on demand and the fire is extinguished in its initial phase, thus minimising damage.

 Combines expertise in the field of fire engineering from the world's leading fire detection companies to produce a range of products specifically for the marine market

Gielle Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System has used the combined knowledge in the field of fire engineering from the world's leading fire detection companies to produce a range of products for the marine market. Gielle Equipment provides comprehensive design documentation and delivery of advanced, microprocessor-based conventional and addressable fire detection systems. 

Both systems have the approval of the major marine classification societies. They are competitively-priced, simple to install and easy to set up. State-of-the-art design and high quality environment. Comprehensive fault diagnostics and detector condition monitoring are key features that allow rapid location of faults and minimize downtime. 

Gielle fire detection and alarm systems are designed specifically for your ship whatever the ship's type and size may be. From basic components we build an entirely customised system. By choosing maintenance and increased compliance with security requirements. 

All our types of detectors are advanced in design, improved in performance and have unique features that benefit the installer as well as the end user. The range includes ionisation and optical smoke detectors, heat detector and flame detector as well as a multi-sensor. All have an unobtrusive profile, a zero insertion force base, user-friendly addressing and extended date and dlarm features. A manual call point, isolator, loop sounder and other compatile products are also available.

Features and Benefits
EN54 LPCB and Marine-approved system
Remote diagnostics and service functions
Powerful central loop processing functions
Virtual multi-sensor detectors
High speed reliable digitall protocol
Displays first and most recent alarm
Permanently displays systems status including number of alarms, faults and isolated points
Scroll function allows details of all events and status to be easily viewed
Displays temperature, smoke level at point alarm

Technical Design
Gielle Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems, type addressable, is a fully marine-approved networking detection panels that are compliant from 1 to 8 loops. 

The panel provides all mandatory operator control keys and LED functions including day/night switching, two control keys and 2 indication LEDs are provided for vessel specific functions, control keys and LEDs can be labelled in many languarges by on-site programming, the slide-in glass can be reversed and alternative text can be added.

The series detectors follows the well established principles of system design, the optimum detector type will depend on the type of fire risk and fire load, and the type of environment in which the detector is sited. 

Fire genenral use, smoke detector are recommended since there give the highest level of protection. Where the environment is smoky and dirty under normal conditions, a heat detector maybe more appropriate. Where the environment exists flaming commution risk, choosing a flame detector is much better.
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Our quality is certified
Gielle makes its products inaccordance with UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, SA8000:2001 certified quality standards

In accordance with established maritime standards
Gielle’s systems solutions have been tested and approved by marine regulatory agencies throughout the world.

Worldwide installation and service.
No matter where your vessel puts into port. From New York to Dubai, we perform whatever service is necessary including installation, retrofit, recharge, maintenance and emergency repair.

It's our global commitment to keeping your Gielle systems functioning perfectly and in accordance with applicable Marine fire protection regulations.

The right approvals and certifications.
Gielle Fire Systems' products carry an impressive range of Type Approvals and Flag Administration Approvals.

System design, installation & service
Gielle can provide the services (design and installation, retrofit, recharge, an d maintenance) necessary to keep your system functioning properly and in compliance with all applicable Marine fire protection regulations.
We provide complete stationary and mobile fire protection solutions from risk analysis via technical design to installation.

Gielle is the leading fullservice provider for fire protection in Europe and one of the leading companies worldwide.   

Marine, naval and offshore fire protection
Products from the Gielle Fire Suppression have been developed to meet not only the needs of today, but to also comply with evolving marine requirements, including environmental issues, local regulations and more. To every extent possible, we engineer the ability to upgrade our equipment directly into our product lines. In many cases, this gives owners the ability to avoid entire system replacements when conditions change. Each design innovation is supported by such important services as ongoing safety documentation.

Immediate free quote
Contact us for an immediate free quote. 

Call us +39 0803118998
  E-mail: info@gielle.it  

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